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A guide to Chance glassware
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Glass Message Board (GMB)

Much of the data for this site could not have been compiled without the help and friendship from members of the GMB.



Books with reference to Chance

20th Century Factory Glass, Lesley Jackson

A general glass reference book on glass, with two excellent pages on Chance, much of which concerns their pressed glass.

Glass Fact File, Ivo Haanstra

Extensive Reference Guide on glass producers, factories, artists, labels, marks...

British Table & Ornamental Glass, L.M.Angus-Butterworth, 1956

Useful, contemporary source of British glass. Several pages and photos (b&w) on Chance — Fiesta and Pressed. Can still be purchased for around £10!

DK Collectables Price Guide 2005/06

General book on collectables, but good sections on glass with two pages on Chance glass.

The biggest, smallest book on glass

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