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A guide to Chance glassware
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Handkerchief Vases
— ones you wished you had!

The Handkerchief Vase comes in various shapes, sizes, colours and patterns.

Out of interest, if they had produced every possible combination there would be around 500 different ones to collect! Thankfully only the pinstriped ones appear to use most of the 10-odd colourways, and polka-dot, for example, was probably only made in four colours.

But like virtually all collecting hobbies (habits!) there always appears to be the odd rarity that everyone aspires to. Here are a few...

Rare 7" Marquee stripe
photo courtesy of Smethwick Heritage Centre
^ click to zoom ^
Small Ruby 3½", gilt rim, irregular shape. Chance?

Fleur-de-Lys, 7": possibly the rarest transfer pattern?
© Anne Bennett
Top: Rare 4" blue band
© Gary at Retro-etc
Middle: 4" orange/red banded
Rare (unique?) Onyx, 4"
Photo courtesy Jim Boffin

The less common striped vase; four regular bands each comprising two pinstripes.

Rare ruby intaglio banded. Note similarity with striped one (left)
© Gary at Retro-etc
Rare white intaglio handkerchief vase with matching dish
Photo © Emmi Smith

Four different heights: 4", 5", 7", 8"
Photos: (top) courtesy Jim Boffin, (bottom) © Emmi Smith
Unusual and scarce Grid pattern: black 7", red 5"
Polka dot is not uncommon, but reversed colours?!
© Gary at Retro-etc
Favourite collectors item!
Psychedelic (or "Pop Art" if you can't spell it!)

Scarce Aqualux, 5" tall
Photo courtesy Jim Boffin

Scarce 'Escher' red pattern, 4", labelled, © 'Dave' Scarce 'Escher' blue pattern, 7", labelled, © 'Dawn' Scarce 8" Amber 'Hammer'
Photo courtesy Jim Boffin

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