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A guide to Chance glassware
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Pressed Glass Patterns

A section showing the Chance pressed glass patterns.

Other data was sourced from Lesley Jackson's 20th Century Factory Glass and Smethick Heritage Centre Trust (SHCT).

All sizes are given in inches to the nearest quarter (¼") and centimetres.

Pattern types

Designed by Robert Goodden in 1934 and apparently styled on Lighthouse lenses.

Was also available with green, blue and yellow textured bands and gilt rims. Occasionally found with transfer decorations.

Probably designed by Robert Goodden. Clear, blue, pink & green noted.

Clear, blue, green, pink, cream, white. Ballerina shape introduced along with floral transfers.
Spiderweb (1934) Lotus (1948) Waverley (1949)
Clear glass. De Luxe range from 1950 used colour; Moss Green, Blue, Amethyst and Ivory inserts. Also found with an all-over pink 'frosted' finish. Jugs and bowls sometimes with gilt rims. Clear, cream, pink & green. The Chance pint and ½-pint tankards are very identifiable. Clear glass, later in pastel shades of cream, pink & green.
Britannia (1949) Lancer (1950) Gossamer (1951)
Clear borosilicate oven and tableware glass. Gilt rim, with horizontal lines around bowl; red/white (above), black/white, black/yellow, black/red.  
Orlak (1929-33) Cato (1952)  

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