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A guide to Chance glassware
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Chance Aqualux & Carnival Patterns

A page attempting to categorise Chance Fiestaware 'Aqualux' patterns and associate it with a photograph (work in progress). Compiled with the help of Max, Anne, Anne B, Sue, Robbo and Tony H from Other data was sourced from Lesley Jackson's 20th Century Factory Glass and Smethick Heritage Centre Trust (SHCT).

Carnival 1963: reintroduced and commonly seen as dishes or Handkerchief vases. Known colours are Blue, Green, Turquoise, Amber, Clear & Amethyst (the latter two being scarce). Gilt rims were introduced from 1965.


Chance glass - Cotswold Chance glass - amber hammered Chance glass - Arctic texture
Cotswold Hammered Arctic
Chance glass - Flemish texture
Small (left), Large (right)
Chance glass-  Flemish texture
Flemish (large) Flemish (small)


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