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A guide to Chance glassware
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Fiesta Glass Ltd

After Chance...

Although the Chance Brothers' Smethwick factory closed in 1981, after 150 years of continuous glass production, the entire Fiestaware design was bought up by Mr. Michael Joseph who continued operating using the original pioneering techniques, continuing under the banner of Fiesta Glass Ltd. The firm is now called Midlands Industrial Glass and still operates in Birmingham and Smethwick today.

The interest in Chance Glass and subsequent creations from Fiesta Glass has also led to Michael purchasing a complete collection for use as a permanent museum display. More on this later.

Joseph Joseph Ltd

The design phase of the business is the responsibility of his twin sons Antony and Richard, who created the company Joseph Joseph Ltd to produce kitchen and dining glassware, which is still identifiable with the iconic 1950s Fiestaware designs. Additionally the company also had great success selling glassware to Japan — a real 'Coals to Newcastle' story!

It is also gratifying to learn that Joseph Joseph have even retained the 'Swirl' name with slightly different designs being produced. A true classic that can stand the test of time!

Fiesta Glass continued the trend but also adapted new designs: a Hybrid Lace/Floral design


The modern adaptation of 'Swirl' from Joseph Joseph

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