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A guide to Chance glassware
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There is no doubt that companies like Chance seized the opportunity after the austere post-war years to grab the imagination of people by introducing innovative and practical designs.

Gone were the more elaborate designs to be replaced by sleek shapes, with mind-blowing contemporary designs: and none captured the imagination more than the fabled 'Swirl' pattern with its hypnotic rays radiating from a central spoke.


Imagine a range of products with over 35 different shapes and several sizes, and then decorate them with a huge range of stunning patterns. Collecting heaven... or nightmare??!!

Early Ruby Greco plate and bowl


The amount of shapes produced is equally bewildering. In all there are over 35 types... but also in many different sizes. Everything related to tableware and drinkware can be found, along with some highly unusual items, such as the Serviette Holder.

Canterbury pattern on fluted edge plate

Swirl 50th Anniversary

Hard to believe that a single design could endure after 50 years. Actually, we have cheated a little because Chance stopped production of the original design in the early 1970s

... but Joseph Joseph had the foresight to reintroduce a revamped version c.2002.

Collecting Tips

What to buy, what to ignore. Unless it's a scare pattern anything with chips, cracks or even rubbed gilt is best ignored.

But ferret out a rare pattern or shape, and it can become very rewarding.

Rare Blue Willow pattern, 1952

Handkerchief Vases

These vases have really come into their own and can be considered an entire collecting subset of Fiestaware. Here we explore the various types and patterns and offer a complete cross-reference guide to this fascinating subject.

To date there are 'only' 159 different patterns, types and sizes to collect...!


The 'Grid' pattern. Only known in three colours: black, red, blue and very rarely seen.

A 7" model with this pattern sold for £200 on eBay, May 2006

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