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A guide to Chance glassware
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Following are terms and terminology specifically related to Chance products.

For more general glass terms, see


  • Aqualux : tradename for a textured range of slumped glassware dating to 1939 only.
  • Bent glass : the industry term applied to any sheet or glass formed through slumping.
  • Carafe : a vessel commonly used to contain wine. Normally an open vessel without stopper.
  • Comport/Compote : term used to define a cake plate with plinth.
  • Crestware : tourist-ware specifically pertaining to the city, town or place where it derives. Normally contains an identifying crest and sometimes a pictorial scene.
  • Fazzoletto : Italian term for 'handkerchief' and used to describe vases of this shape.
  • Flashed : clear glass with a thin film of coloured glass applied. Used by Chance for railway signal lenses and the Intaglio range of Fiestaware.
  • Flute : the wavy edge found on some circular and elliptical shaped plates and bowls.
  • Frigger : orig. a term applied to a master glassblowers 'end-of-day' piece, but having no functional purpose; an ornament. Often used nowadays to define any end-of-day item.
  • Intaglio : the process of cutting through a thin 'flashed' colour to reveal the clear glass underneath.
  • Mottoware : items produced for club, institution or commercial purposes. Normally contains logo, motto, or legend, etc.
  • Obscure glass : textured glass made under the 'Antique' tradename. Used for privacy, such as bathrooms or as room dividers.
  • Slumped : where the heated, semi-fluid glass 'slumps' into a mould to form the desired shape.


Intaglio: ruby-flashed glass, engraved through to clear


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