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A guide to Chance glassware
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We've all done it...

A page demonstrating examples of glassware that are not Chance.

At some time haven't we all bought or obtained some fine example of classic, antique, highly collectable, piece of glass, only to find it's modern, a copy, or even fake? Here are some examples of glassware that could easily be mistaken for Chance.

The process of creating 'bent' glass was quickly adapted by other companies and this spawned many other look-alikes.

See also: Unidentified Patterns.

Houze (USA, 1902-2004)

During the 1960-70s Houze virtually mirrored Chance glass output producing a wide variety of glassware, transfer-printed, that looked remarkably like Chance!

However, the one feature that can distinguish between the two is that Houze glassware always appears to have the transfer print on the top-side of the glass. Invariably, Chance is printed on the underside, with a very few exceptions; Regency Gold, for example.


Spiegelunion Flabeg (West Germany) (c.1965-80?)

Based in Baveria. Not much else on this company but some very nice designs produced under the 'Filigranglas' tradename. However, Spiegelunion is also known to have copied Swirl and Lace designs from Chance's originals. No longer believed to be operating, having closed in the early 1980s?

7¼ x 3¼ x 1¾-in deep: Swirl? No, this was definitely made by Spiegelunion Flabeg.

Seraphic (Australia, -)?

Nothing on this company yet.


--- (Japan, -)

A company based in Osaka, Japan, who competed with Fiesta Glass in the 1990s — but for the Japanese market! Not known whether they imported to the UK.


Dema (UK, 1923-2002?)

A UK based company better known for creating machine-made glassware and stemware, but was also a direct competitor manufacturing laboratory glass and lighting tubes and bulbs.

It is possible they might have made some glasses/stemware for Chance's own transfer printed range.

Dema is no longer in business.

A Sunburst pattern that can also be found in turquoise, yellow and green, and soemtimes found with an 'Astra' label

Sherdley (UK, -)

UK based company (St. Helens, not far from Pilkington's base) that produced a version of 'Swirl' called 'Twist' on tumblers.


Collecting tips

Absolutely nothing wrong with collecting these examples: equally good quality as Fiestaware and some very nice designs. But if you're already collecting Fiesta do you have the room...!


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